Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Popped By...

One of the counselors in my Relief Society stopped by to wish me a happy birthday.  She brought a litle tootsie pop all wrapped up with a note:  "Just 'pop'ped by to wish you -- Happy Birthday!!"  Regardless of the fact that my birthday is tomorrow, my day was made.  It's nice to be remembered.  It's nice to be loved. It feels good to feel that someone thinks you're special enough to be cared about.  Is there someone's day that I can make?  Who needs me today?  Who knows but if my words, or embrace, or smile may be the only ray of sunshine...their only source of happiness today.  Can we seek?  Yes.  We must.

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  1. Happy birthday tomorrow! I agree...little things make such a difference. So you and your dad have a one day birthday difference? We saw them this weekend. It was such a fun surprise...good to catch up! We sure love and admire them.



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