Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The True Easter Celebration

Even as I write this, chills tingle my spine and the Spirit whispers the confirming witness, that yes,
He Lives.
 Easter is nearing and my mind wanders the life and the ministry of Him who bore our griefs. How can I make this Easter experience one that washes over my family like a wave from the sea leaving us flushed with eternal water pure--His living water?

Our superficial world with its materialistic counterfeits for every holy thing has not left Easter unsaturated.  It is hard to break free from the traditionalism of Western culture--but we must return to the source of the water if we are to experience a rebirth.

This world with its holiday traditions is not evil, it is just distracting when there is so much more to derive.

My boys and I paint white clouds on blue cardstock, but do we snatch the opportunity to gaze up at the clouds that twist and float and change with each passing minute?

We blow bubbles and the ones that Pop holds are large and ethereal, soaring away on the April wind. And the ones that the little ones make are small and short-lived and we keep pointing to the colossal swirls of rainbow and say, "Look, look," but they don't hear or maybe they just ignore.

And Pop says it best, They are too focused on making their own that they don't look up to see the big ones.

When we focus so much on the fluffy traditions and forget to live the holy ones it's as if we are painting clouds and blowing small bubbles and forgetting to look up, to the source, to the real beauty and meaning.

Could we remove the layers of fanciful that quickly wither?  Could we refuse to go through Easter and instead pledge to have the experience of Easter go through us, and change us?

 Let us walk with Him today and everyday as we travel the road to the cross and the empty tomb.


  1. This was so beautiful, Jamie. Your whole blog is so beautiful. Thank you so much. I loved this, to let Easter go through us.
    God bless you and cover you and yours with His sweet love!

  2. There is a lot of wisdom in Pop's words: "They are too focused on making their own that they don't look up to see the big ones." We are all like that, aren't we? Too busy to see the big. Thank you for that little reminder.



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