Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lessons from the Ugly Duckling

I'm always eager to watch the newest video on  I think this was just what I needed today.  See if it just what you need too:

It's an interesting thought, isn't it, to remember that we are children of a King, children of the great and eternal God of the universe. 
There are voices everywhere--along with images and videos--that tell us we are nothing more than inadequate citizens in regards to social class, glamor, personality, and a sense of fun.

But we are not trying to be like ducklings.  We are supposed to be peculiar when compared to the masses around us.

We don't fit in, yes,...but that is because we aren't supposed to.

We aren't just "ugly ducklings," we are "beautiful swans."

Destined for something greater than this world can offer.

And if we ever could catch hold upon this thought and weave it into the intricate fibers of our hearts, we would be infused with such happiness, peace, and joy, not to mention a greater sense of purpose, a higher self esteem, and a much easier time resisting temptation.

Let us today, and every day, look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are swans...we are princes and princesses destined for something glorious.  And then let us go about our days living this majestic truth.

And I know that if we do...we will be happy.

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