Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Girl Friday

Tonight my sweetheart sacrificed his Tuesday basketball ritual to stay home with me because I had such a long and tiring day.
How can I thank him enough?
My husband makes me happy.
Does your spouse?
If so, then continue to shower upon them lots of love in the way they need it.

But if not, consider the amount of love and happiness you are giving them every day.  Love given so very often equals love received.

This will bring happiness.

We watched a movie together...His Girl Friday.
I enjoyed the story; it left me pondering.
All about what it means to be a wife and mother.
And how it is the most rewarding and peaceful profession ever created.

The Lord has given each of us so many talents and gifts.
But I firmly believe that we can use these talents and gifts within the very walls of our our small sphere of influence.
We can be great.
We can accomplish so much with our talents.  We simply have to be a little creative and use the spirit in determining how to magnify our talents and bless our families at the same time.

It's possible.  I know this deeply through personal experience.

And what could bring us more happiness than to enlarge and expand our talents and edify and uplift our families through our endeavors? 

I think this is happiness.  True enduring happiness.

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