Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just 1 Thing....small and simple.

For today's simplification goal, all I want you to do (and me as well) is write down one small and simple thing you want to do for your children (or nieces, nephews, neighbors, those you serve at church, etc.)  Something that is very important to you. 

Perhaps it's a greater focus on music or reading or teaching how to serve.  Maybe it's cooking comfort meals or spending quality giggle/tickle time with them.  Maybe it's as special as participating with them in one of their hobbies or as simple as asking them one sincere and specific question about their day.  Choose just one thing that is very small and simple.  Write it on a notecard and place it by your bed or on your nightstand where you will see it first thing each morning.  If your goal is specific enough, commit to trying it out.  If it's a general goal, then perhaps create a few smaller and more specific goals that will allow you to feel successful once complete.

Refrain from choosing more than one thing.  It's hard (especially for perfectionists) to pick just one, but if you list 25 things, and then only do one or two (or none because you're too overwhelmed), it will only result in feelings of failure.  Remember, the whole intent of this week is to SIMPLIFY.

Now look at the Master List you made yesterday--remember the 3 headings (Personal, Relationships, and Household)?  Insert this one specific goal under the "Relationship" heading.  If your list is beginning to look too long, reevaluate it.  Do you really need to do and engage in everything on the list, or are there a few things that can be cut out or honed down?  Remember, your small and simple thing you just jotted down may be more important than some of the original things on your list.

Good luck!  And have a Happy Day!

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