Friday, August 3, 2012

Simplify by Serving.

Today is the last day in this Simplification Series.  I may revisit the subject as time goes on and I glean more experience, but for today, may I share one more way we might simplify.

That of service.

At first, this doesn't seem like simplifying at all.  It appears like more things to add to our overflowing plate.  But I'm not suggesting we become "Super-Mom" or "Super-Dad" or even "Super-Server."

I am suggesting that we offer our services to the Lord in prayer each morning and ask Him to bless us with inspiration to know how to bless the life of just one person....

A few years ago I had the impression that if I committed to blessing just one person's life each day, by the end of my 80 or something years I would help the Lord in blessing thousands of life.  I recorded in my journal that I wanted to seek to bless the life of one person every day.

As the years have passed, there have been times where I've been more focused and committed than other times.  There have been times when I have felt the joy of daily service to those in my circle of friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, and times when I have felt to focus my blessing on those in my immediate family.  But always, ever present in the back of my mind, is that little voice that whispers of that day when I received that personal "call."

Today I have the desire to recommit and serve...just one person...just one small and simple thing...every day.

Happy Challenge:

Read these beautiful words and see if your heart doesn't swell with the desire to reach out and bless someone's life...
“God bless all who endeavor to be their brother’s keeper, who give to ameliorate suffering, who strive with all that is good within them to make a better world. Have you noticed that such individuals have a brighter smile? Their footsteps are more certain. They have an aura about them of contentment and satisfaction … for one cannot participate in helping others without experiencing a rich blessing himself.”  ~Thomas S. Monson, “Our Brothers’ Keepers,” Ensign, June 1998, 39

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  1. May I say you are just awesome. Your challenges are so wonderful. Blessings to you for this one!

  2. Thanks for the challenges! They are great! I love that quote by President Monson. The end of it reminded me of a little saying that I really like: "Happiness is like can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself"! Have a happy day! :)



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