Monday, August 13, 2012

Mountaintop Pondering

Last week we had two family vacations, I was sick with a cold, and we had a wonderful week.  While on our campout up in the moutaintops, I took time to really ponder my life and simplify.

We hiked 3 miles up to a lake and 3 miles back down.  And during the hike I breathed in the surrounding nature and communed with my Heavenly Father.  Together, we simplified and realigned priorities, and created a schedule for the upcoming school year.  And then, several times during the hike, a light drizzle would fall from the sunny heavens, and it seemed to me to be a confirmation to the ideas I was receiving.

Now today I begin again to live a new routine.  Until last week, I dreaded the thought of changing up my schedule every so often.  It seemed that just when I'd construct one, life would change and I would have to start all over.  I wondered when, if ever, I would find the perfect routine.  But during my simplification process last week, the Spirit whispered a truth that has changed my paradigm:

"It's okay that I have to realign priorities and develop new routines/rhythms.  I did this in school each year, each semester, trimester, and quarter.  Life is constantly changing.  I have faith that the Lord will help me create an excellent way each time I have to adjust."

You see, it doesn't mean that the routine was wrong, when it comes time to change.  Life will always flow and change as the times and seasons do.  There is no one perfect routine.  One must be constructed again and again, and if done with the help of the Spirit, every routine can be perfect.  Now I know that I have found the perfect least for now.  And someday, life will cause me to tweak certain parts of the schedule, and maybe overhaul completely, but for now, it's perfect.

Happy Challenge:

Evaluate your routine or rhythm.  Ask the Lord if your life is going in the direction He wills.  Adjust priorities, if necessary, and create or tweak your routine until it fits the plan the Lord has for your life in this season.


  1. Great thoughts. It was so wonderful to be with you so much last week. I love how deep you are and how intricately you involve the Lord in your life. I love you!!

  2. There is much wisdom in your wonderful post today. I love the challenge. It is true that we all need to step back and evaluate where we are and then make the adjustments.
    Loved this one!



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