Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm back.

Finally.  Here I am, back from my much-needed Sabbatical.  The winter was long, and spring was bumpy, but I have truly loved every minute of cradling my sweet little baby girl.  She is worth every struggle and turmoil.  I will recount my journey little by little, but for today, may I simply suggest that the Quest for Happiness is enhanced by suffering and trial.  While it never seems like it in the midst of the darkness, we know deep in our hearts that the dawn will come once again, and that knowledge is what sustains us until the happy sunshine rises again in our hearts.

It is through the hills and mountains we climb that we build stamina and muscle and shed the things that hold us down.  And when we reach the top, we feel enlightened and invigorated, and like we have finally found ourselves again.  But with the vast view below, the view of our inner selves is grander and larger as well.  We see who we were down at the bottom of the mountain, and now at the top, we realize we have become so. much. more.

And then we look heavenward and know with certainty that it was all because of Christ's grace that we have reached this point, this pinnacle.  The clouds roll blissfully above, and we reach up, feeling a vibrant connection with Deity.  We are His.  And now we are even closer to being like Him.
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