Friday, June 29, 2012


I've always admired those wonderful people who could make up stories in their heads, and tell them to their children with adventure and thrilling action.  I've tried.  For a long while, Little Bear's bedtime stories consisted of a little frog named Rupert who did exciting things.  I think he loved them, but after a few months, my creative juices ran dry and I didn't have any more stories about Rupert left.

It has been two or three years since I've attempted to be a storyteller, but yesterday at snack time I tried again.  Our story started with King Romeo, Queen Juliet, and Prince Fabio.  Episode 1 ended with an action-packed bear attack, and today they will find out the exciting next chapter.  I promised them that every day at snack time we would continue the story.  They were sad yesterday when the story ended, but they are readily anticipating today's snack time after their nap.  They even tried to talk me into storytelling at lunch.  I wanted to keep the snack time tradition, but I agreed to tell them a story from when I was little instead.

I hope this becomes a treasured tradition.

Happy Challenge:

Stories have the ability to transport us to new lands and live adventures safely from the comfort of our own homes.  Is there a little one in your life with whom you could begin storytelling?  There's just something magical about watching a child's eyes dance with wonder as you spin for them tales of glory....

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  1. It has been a lovely experience for me to connect with their hearts in this way. :) Thank you for the encouragement.



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