Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Challenges

It's Monday again.  Which means, it's time for happy challenges.  This week I'm posting seven--seven choices, one for each day.  You choose which challenges to do on which days, but commit to do each one of these sometime this week.

Perhaps it will boost our happiness levels a little??

1. Do just one thing that has long been on your "procrastination list."  Feel the joy and the lift that comes from checking off or scribbling out that burden!

2. For today, choose to enjoy the moment rather than be efficiently productive each moment.  Then watch your joy grow!

3. Indulge in one simple pleasure for yourself.  We all have small and simple things that make us happy.  Choose one today and just do it!

4.  Think of someone who could use a little extra love today. Whether it be a call, a text, a letter, email, a meal, a visit, a service, a gift, a little extra cash, whatever that special person needs, give it wholeheartedly.

5.  Pick your favorite form of movement (jogging, walking, yoga, dancing, sports, etc.) and do it for 5-10 minutes today.  Don't overwhelm yourself with feeling like you need to engage for hours, or even a half hour.  Just for today, move for enjoyment.

6.  Write out a list of 10 positive character traits that you see in yourself.  If you can't think of any, ask trusted family or friends for what they see in you.  Keep this list by your bed and read it every night for a week.

7.  Try something new!  Whether it is tasting a new food, visiting a new place, developing a new interest, or just doing something completely different than you usually do.

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  1. Thank you, LeAnn. I'd love to hear how your happy challenges went and the difference they made for you. :)



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