Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunlight Breakthrough

On those mornings when you can't wake up, when the only thing you want to do is crawl right back under the covers and sleep for 8 more hours.  On those days when you feel terribly un-rested, when you feel no different than when you climbed in bed the night before, can you expect or even dream of a happy-filled day?

The answer is, yes.  A resounding yes indeed.

That is, if you turn to Him.

Perhaps it is on these days of sheer exhaustion, when we feel so small and helpless, when the Lord's grace makes the most difference.  We plead with him on tired knees, bowing a heavy head, and then we reach down deep to muster all the faith we have.  And then we wait.  We wait upon the Lord.

Have you ever noticed that the mornings that start out with a storm, or a light rainfall, are often the most glorious days?  For some reason, the sun breaking through the wool-gray clouds is even more radiant than just a regular sunrise.  Maybe it's the contrast of dark to light that is so inspiring.  Or maybe we just appreciate the sun a little more when we've had a dose of rain.  Whatever the reason, let's make the resolve to make today brilliant...even if it started out a little rough.  We can only do this by trusting our whole day to the Master of the Universe. 

For it is He alone who can make for us this resplendent transformation....

Happy Challenge:

Next time your day starts out with a storm, pray and wait upon the Lord.  Then notice the resplendence when His light breaks through your clouds of fatigue.  Treasure this day and record it to always remember.

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  1. You're so right about rainy days turning into the most beautiful! That happened to me just today. Thanks for reminding me that bad days don't have to be all bad.



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